Who is Cherry Tart?

I’m a South African sexual adventurer and activist, on a journey to educate myself and those around me, to help us all have better sex with less angst.
I have a background in communications, and worked extensively in PR, marketing, education and publishing. For the past couple of years, I have been a community manager for the largest online sex shop in South Africa. Every day I have learned more about sex and sex toys: writing about them, reviewing them, and talking to hundreds of customers about their sex lives and how they’re hoping to change them.
I have no formal qualifications to talk to you about sex or relationships. I study and research constantly. I have, thus far, completed several online workshops and courses on sex and relationships with Sex Nerd Sandra, Victoria Rosa, Hey Epiphora, Redhead Bedhead (Jo Ellen Notte) and Elizabeth Cooper. If the lack of formal qualification bothers you, that’s fine by me. But if you’re looking for someone friendly, relaxed and extremely knowledgeable, with great interpersonal skills, who is committed to helping you understand and live into your sexual self comfortably and with confidence, then I’m your gal. So feel free to get in touch.

I'm anonymous mostly because Cherry Tart is a cool nom de plume that makes me smile. I'm anonymous so my kids can pretend they don't know me if they want to. I'm anonymous because regular me can sometimes get a bit lazy, or a bit scared that she's not good enough, or a bit worried that she has nothing useful to say, while Cherry Tart is a badass bitch with an encyclopedia of sexy information in her head and enough sheer oomph to carry off anything she bloody well wants to do.

If you visited this site a year ago, or for any of a few years before that, you would have found a blog about craft and design in Durban, supporting what used to be the Hey Cherry craft and vintage goodies sold at the I Heart Market. If you supported that stand, you have met Cherry Tart. 🙂 Those posts are all still in existence, at heycherrydurban.blogspot.com. Please feel free to carry on consulting them. Hey Cherry, and Cherry Tart, are names that have meaning for me. And since I made them up, I'm going to use them. Plus, do you know what a mission it is registering a new domain? Using the one I had appealed greatly to the lazy side of me.

If you would like to book me for a workshop, please do: cherrytart (at) heycherry (dot) co (dot) za. To see more about the workshops I currently offer, look here.