What's the Fuss About Sex Toys?

This hour-long workshop covers:

  • Sex toys and body safety - materials & hygiene
  • The best toys on the market - what’s worth spending money on
  • Using sex toys to improve your sex life
  • How to introduce toys to your partner
  • How to choose the right sex toy for you

This is a relaxed show-and-tell style workshop in which you get to see, and feel, some of the different types of toys available on the market, and understand what key words to look for in a toy description to know if it will suit you. Yes, you definitely will see a large and realistic dildo in this workshop.

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Sex

In this hour long workshop we focus on helping you to feel more comfortable asking for and describing your sexual needs. This workshop is designed to help individuals and couples forget about embarrassment and taboo and learn to discuss their sexuality and sex lives in an open, honest and healthy way.

Honest communication is the cornerstone of healthy relationships, but many of us have been raised to think that talking about sex is somehow dirty. We separate our sex lives from our daily lives to a great degree, and this makes it far more difficult to discuss both the things we like and the problems we may experience in our sex lives. This workshop will help you to let go of the idea of ‘sex talk’ as ‘dirty talk’ and enable open communication with your partner.

How to Get the Sex You Want

This hour-long workshop starts by helping you identify what you actually want from your sex life as a whole, and from individual sexual encounters. We talk about orgasms, and how important they are (or aren’t) to a fulfilling sexual encounter, and discuss different ways in which you might be fulfilled during sex.

We then learn a little about Imago dialogue, and how to use it effectively to talk to your partner about the sex you want. We model successful conversations that result in you communicating your sexual needs, and agreeing with your partner on a course of action to fulfill those needs.

This workshop is ideal for couples working together, but is also valuable for individuals. It is suitable for couples of any sexual orientation.